The development of the Jan Mayen Micro-Continent (JMMC) and its southern continuation into the northeastern Iceland Plateau: Implications for possible development of hydrocarbon systems. Sept. 30, 2014

Anett Blischke, MSc. of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics working at the Iceland Geosurvey (ÍSOR), will give a lecture about her research project, progress, and theoretical basis of her work towards Ph.D. degree at the University of Iceland, Tuesday September 30th, at 16:00 in the 3rd floor meeting room of the Institue of Earth Sciences in Askja.

Anett´s project is based on a new study of the Jan Mayen Micro-Continent (JMMC) and its southern continuation into the north-eastern Iceland Plateau, using sub-surface multi-channel reflection seismic sequence stratigraphy and tectonic research, including basin and petroleum systems analysis. The focus is on the development of the Jan Mayen Micro-Continent through time within selected sub-areas.  As prior research studies concerning the JMMC have been related to the micro-continent as a whole and its structural development during the opening of the North Atlantic, a more detailed stratigraphic research within smaller regions has been called for, in order to establish the break-up and evolution of individual ridge segments.

Anett´s Ph.D. committee includes Bryndís Brandsdóttir, University of Iceland (supervisor), Þórarinn S. Arnarson (Orkustofnun / NEA), Martyn Stoker at the BGS (British Geological Society), Edinburgh, and Carmen Gain, CEED (Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics), University of Oslo.
Freysteinn Sigmundsson (University of Iceland) will oversee the exam.

Everyone is welcome.